Everyone has a right to affordable solar.

Resonant Energy works with homeowners across the income spectrum, multi-family buildings, nonprofits, Houses of Worship and small businesses to install high quality solar systems at discounted rates with financing that works for everyone. We offer one of the only programs that makes solar accessible for low-income households and nonprofits. 


Here's How It Works

What if houses of worship could turn the light that shines on their roofs into savings for community members? Sharing access to the clean energy and cost savings that come with solar power is one of the best ways to build just, sustainable communities. That is why five houses of worship in the Boston community came together for an interfaith solar project.
  1. Every 3-6 months, we issue a Request for Proposals from installation partners to select a dedicated installation partner for our building owners. 
  2. We partner with impact investors to provide accessible financing for any building owner.
  3. When you call, we provide a simple proposal that allows you to evaluate the solar capacity of your roof and compare financing options.
  4. By bidding out your project through Resonant Energy's platform, we are able to provide superior customer service to ensure that going solar is easy and straight-forward.

If you've got a rooftop or want to run a campaign for your community with us, give us a call! Now serving: Massachusetts (statewide), New York City, and Long Island.

Our Projects

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