Everyone has a right to clean, affordable energy.



Resonant Energy works with communities to initiate, develop, and finance clean energy projects. Our innovative models allow us to do solar projects with virtually anyone, regardless of expertise, access to cash or credit score. 


How do communities participate?

Nonprofits, municipalities and community organizers have all the financial and social capital they need to bring the benefits of solar to their communities. They have simply lacked trustworthy partners and the necessary tools. We offer a platform for collaboration, transparent incentives to community partners, and access to financing. Through financing partners like Co-op Power, we offer Community Owned Solar and church and nonprofit financing. Alongside our innovative Solar Access Program for individuals, these options for the first time truly make solar power an option for all.


Boston Interfaith COmmunity Solar Project

We believe that sharing access to clean energy is one of the best ways to build just, sustainable communities. That's why we've launched the Boston Interfaith Community Solar Program with Co-op Power. The 2016 pilot will bring solar to Second Church in Dorchester, Bethel A.M.E., and the Church of Saint Augustine and Saint Martin.

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*Mentions in PV Magazine, Greentech Media, and ILSR refer to work that Resonant Energy supported as a subcontractor to Co-op Power.


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