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Solar Up is a group purchasing campaign in Eastern Massachusetts for residential and commercial solar arrays. By purchasing panels in bulk with your neighbors, everyone saves. 


  Through Solar Up, you can buy solar panels at $3.40/Watt, 20% off the average MA installation price. Our base price provides residents with quality 300 Watt Tier 1. 

  Customers who want higher efficiency premium panels can choose to pay extra to get great rates on LG, Panasonic, and SunPower panels and more. 


  For every household participating in Solar Up,  we are able to bring no-money-down solar to a nonprofit or low-income household in the community.
  We work with local solar installers to support the growth of local green jobs.


 Customer service is our top priority, and it starts with arranging a free solar site visit for your house.
Resonant Energy represents you in hiring a contractor to build the highest quality installation.



Installation Partner:
Invaleon solar technologies

Resonant Energy has selected Invaleon Solar Technologies (Invaleon) through a competitive bidding process with our partners. As an experienced local contract, Invaleon's business model is customer-centric, and they rely on the quality of their work and name to expand their market. Their development team has successfully installed more than five hundred projects in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Barbados. Their clientele includes municipalities, national not-for-profits, homeowners and publicly traded companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my panel options?

Q Cells 300 Watt Module

Resonant Price: $3.40/watt. Engineered in Germany, Q Cells 300 is ideal for residents who want to maximize savings without compromising on performance.


LG 335 Watt Module

Resonant Price: $3.45/watt. Matching high efficiency with affordability, the LG 335 is most popular for residents who want to maximize their roof potential.

Are there any additional costs?

  • Small Roofs: All projects below 4 kW (13 panels) will be priced individually at a higher cost
  • High Roofs: Roofs 35' high (measured ground to gutter) will cost an additional $2,500 for lifting equipment or staging.

Who can participate in Resonant Energy's group purchasing program? 
Any homeowner, multi-family household, or business located in one of our current campaign areas. 

What are the financial benefits of buying solar?
As an owner of solar panels in MA, you will see impressive returns on your investment. Some of the financial benefits of owning solar are:

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What are my financing options?
You can buy your panels outright, or you can get a loan through the MA Solar Loan Program, the subsidized loan for residential solar systems. With this loan, your electricity savings will exceed your loan payments, so you save money from year-one. Can't take out a loan? Check out the Solar Access Program to learn about going solar for free. 

What's the next step?
Sign up for a free roof evaluation, or call our Group Purchasing Organizer at 617-506-9248. 

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