Solar Access Program

Let's change the way we generate power in cities

The Solar Access Program allows any building — regardless of the owners' income or credit score — to host solar panels in exchange for clean power and energy savings. We do not require cash payments or restrictive purchasing contracts like power purchasing agreements (PPAs).

Through our Solar Hosting Agreement, any building owner can lease their roof to Resonant Energy. We'll build a solar system on it for free, and give you part of the system's power output as savings directly on your electric bill. Project hosts typically see electricity savings in the range of 10% - 30%, which is two to five times higher than the savings offered under standard PPAs.

Further information

what's the process?

  1. Sign up: Sign a Letter of Intent to show your interest in participating and reserve your spot in the program

  2. Site evaluation: We will arrange for a structural/ electrical engineer to do a full analysis of your roof

  3. Agree to host: Sign an agreement for construction of the system on your roof.

  4. Installation: Once the panels have been ordered and delivered, Resonant Energy will complete the install within 2-4 days.

  5. Utility Green Light: A few weeks after installation, the utility company will inspect the system and switch it on to start producing power.