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Since the Massachusetts DOER launched the SMART program last December, large solar developments have sprung up across the state, leading to 1,017MW of new solar energy. Unfortunately, the surge of resources behind this growth has not reached low-income communities. Of the total solar projects commissioned, only 2.5% of the energy generated was allocated to low-income residents.

With a few minor adjustments to this program we can dramatically shift which communities are being invested in and place low income communities at the forefront of the clean energy transition in Massachusetts. Read the full policy proposal here

Summary of the proposal:

  • Expand the incentives to serve people based on which neighborhoods they live in, with the highest incentives going to people who live in low income and environmental justice neighborhoods, rather than relying exclusively on what electric rate people pay.

  • Make it possible to allocate solar energy credits directly to people's electricity bills, rather than asking them to sign up for potentially predatory long term financial contracts.

  • Read the full Sign on letter here.

Sign on to our policy proposal and tell legislators to expand access to Solar.

Our Fellow signatories

  • 350 Boston

  • Banking on Green, LLC

  • Berkshire Photovoltaic Services

  • BlueHub Capital

  • Boston Climate Action Network (BCAN)

  • Citizens Energy

  • Climate Action Business Association (CABA)

  • Earth Watch Institute

  • Jewish Climate Action Network (JCAN)

  • Local Intitiives Support Corporation (LISC Boston)

  • Massachusetts Solar Owners Association

  • MassSolar

  • Pace Energy and Climate Center

  • Resonant Energy

  • Solar Energy Business Association of New England (SEBANE)

  • Solar Store of Greenfield

  • Sierra Club MA

  • Solstice

  • Sunrise Movement

  • SunBug Solar

  • Sunwealth

  • Union of Concerned Scientists

  • Vote Solar

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Mabel Henry, Codman Square Dorchester

Mabel Henry, Codman Square Dorchester

Second Church in Codman Square Dorchester

Second Church in Codman Square Dorchester