Rise Up Solar!

Across Massachusetts, houses of worship are joining the clean energy movement and using the benefits to support the communities they serve. Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (MIP&L) and Resonant Energy are teaming up to help houses of worship access the tools to be leaders in this movement and take their energy use into their own hands. Join us in this call to action in the 2019 Rise Up Solar Initiative.

West Medford Baptist Church

West Medford Baptist Church

Second Church in Codman Square Dorchester

Second Church in Codman Square Dorchester

“As a community of faith, it’s really important for us to live our faith in everything that we do. These solar panels are really important to us in terms of living out our witness, to say that it’s time for a clean energy future and we need to demonstrate that in our actions and the way we live as a church.”
— Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, New Roots AME Dorchester

The benefits of going solar include:

  • Save up to 100% of your electricity bill

  • Access new State-wide incentives and make revenue from your roof

  • Own the array with low-interest loans

  • Available no-cost options

  • Free consultation with MIP&L solar experts, drawing on their experience helping over 30 houses of worship install solar.

Check out our solar options for nonprofits!

The Partners

MIP&L and Resonant Energy have been partners in the expanding access to solar for over 3 years. In that time they have helped many churches in the Greater Boston Area commit to clean energy and save money on electricity through solar power.

Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light (MIP&L) is a 20-year-old 501c3 organization that has been helping houses of worship lower their carbon footprint through energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as grassroots advocacy for climate-friendly policy, legislation, and regulation. Over the past 20 years, MIP&L has completed over 200 energy audits and during the 6 years of our solar energy program, we have guided over three dozen houses of worship to successful solar installations.

Resonant Energy is a community-based solar provider located in Fields Corner in Dorchester. Over the past 12 months Resonant Energy has successfully coached over 30 nonprofits through the solar process. Through that experience Resonant Energy is well versed in the intern workings of faith-based organizations and understands how to overcome the unique financial constraints that houses of worship face.

Be one of the first 5 to reach out and schedule a meeting and receive a $500 credit toward the solar project.

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