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Resonant Energy Helps residents of all incomes access the benefits of solar energy through our inclusive programs.

Meet Olive

Meet Elnora

Dorchester, MA

"I decided to go solar because I am bogged down with expensive electric bills. I tried to go solar before, but I didn't trust the people that were trying to sell me solar. it was also way too expensive. I am excited about 'Codman Square Goes Solar' because it's about neighbors helping neighbors. We are helping each other to save money and the environment. The more panels up on houses, the healthier our community."

Meet Luis

Stoneham, MA

“When I bought this house, everything was electric. After the first winter here, I looked at my electricity bill and said, wow no way! I need to get solar! If I was going to go solar, I wanted to own the system. Resonant helped connect me with the MassCEC Solar Loan Program that allowed me own the whole array. Resonant did everything for me and made the process very easy. I love solar because it’s clean energy and it saves me money.”

Dorchester, MA

"I went solar to save money. We have solar hot water and always wanted to do PV but [it] was out of the affordability range. I think that so many people who could not even think about going solar now have the opportunity to have it. I love solar because it preserves nature for future generations!"

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