Power Purchase Agreement

Commercial buildings, nonprofits, and houses of worship that meet credit requirements can have free solar panels on their roof and buy discounted electricity with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  

No Money Down

Lease your roof to us, and we'll put panels on it for free. We will also maintain the panels for the 20 year lifetime of the agreement. You will never pay for repairs or worry about fixing the system.

discounted electricity

With a Power Purchase Agreement, you buy all the electricity the panels make at a discounted rate.


With a PPA, the rate you pay is fixed for the full 20 years of the contract. You will always know how much you will pay for electricity each year. No more worrying about utility rates changing. Save more and more money every year as utility rates rise. 

The green part of the graph is the money an organization can save by going solar with a PPA.


This is Second Church in Dorchester, MA. The Church signed a PPA, and we put 87 panels on its roof for free.  The Church now buys electricity at a fixed rate with a 10% discount. The graph above shows the discount on electricity the Church receives every year. In 25 years, the Church will save over $57,000.