We believe that sharing access to clean energy is one of the best ways to build just, sustainable communities. That's why we worked with communities of faith across the greater Boston area to plan and execute the first phase of the Boston Interfaith Community Solar Project in 2016. The pilot brought solar to Second Church in Dorchester, Bethel A.M.E., and the Church of Saint Augustine and Saint Martin.

 Alphonse Knight, Second Church in Dorchester

Alphonse Knight, Second Church in Dorchester


"I've been interested in solar and alternative energy since the 1970s. I have known about the potential, but the problem was always money. Now, there is an option for us that allows our community to show its leadership. The Church is the foundation of the community; it's where people grow and develop values. When something positive happens here, everyone in the community sees it. Now, we can see the church's commitment to stewardship right here on our roof."  -Alphonse Knight, Second Church in Dorchester


  • Project Size: 70 kW
  • Rooftops: 4
  • Clients: Second Church in Dorchester, Bethel A.M.E., and the Church of Saint Augustine and Saint Martin.
  • Co-Developers: Co-op Power
  • Project Financier: Sunwealth (formerly PSM Clean Energy)



The Nonprofit Solar Bundle is an aggregation of solar installations between Massachusetts and New York for Smith College and Nazareth Housing. The solar array for Nazareth Housing will be the first project of its kind installed for a low-income housing cooperative in New York City. Resonant Energy developed these projects; project financing was provided by Co-op Power.

 Installation at 67 West St, Smith College

Installation at 67 West St, Smith College



  • Project Size: 32 kW

  • Rooftops: 2

  • Clients: Smith College, Nazareth Housing

  • Project Financier: Co-op Power




Resonant Energy is providing consulting services to Co-op Power in the development and financing for a barrier-breaking initiative to provide solar to low income residents of New York City. This initiative is a partnership with nonprofit solar advocacy organization Solar One, and nonprofit solar contractor, GRID Alternatives. The first installation for a low income housing cooperative in Manhattan will take place in March 2017 through this partnership. This first installation is a pilot that lays the groundwork for the installation of hundreds of kilowatts of solar capacity across New York City. This innovative initiative has been featured in Greentech Media.

Project Details

  • Project Size: 8 kW, with more in development

  • Rooftops: 1, with more in development

  • Client: Nazareth Housing, with more in development

  • Project Outreach and Education: Solar One

  • Project Contractor: GRID Alternatives

  • Project Financier: Co-op Power


Resonant Energy works with institutional partners to create accessible clean energy models tailored to the goals of each organization. We provide support for organizations who are interested in developing their own clean energy programs but who need help navigating the policies, financial structures, and technical aspects of energy development. 

1. Low-Income Shared Solar Feasibility and Development Tools for Upstate NY




Resonant Energy worked with Co-op Power staff to assess the upstate New York commercial solar market and evaluate from a financial and technical standpoint the feasibility of developing community shared solar arrays for low and moderate income households in the region. 

  • Client: Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC). Binghamton, NY. 
    Client Contact: Adam Flint, Coordinator of Southern Tier Solar Works Program of BRSC. 

2. Locally-Financed Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for Nonprofits

In partnership with Co-op Power, Resonant Energy provided a feasibility analysis for the tax equity partnership flip model for solar financing. The model provides a way for nonprofits to partner with investors and financiers like Co-op Power who can monetize the tax incentives associated with solar, benefit from a no-money-down Power Purchase Agreement, and the buy the system after 7-10 years. 

  • Client: Smith College. Northampton, MA.
    Client Contact: Dano Weisbord, Director of Campus Sustainability and Planning.

3. Locally-Financed Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for Churches

Resonant Energy provided Environmental Stewardship Associates with financial analysis and document templates to develop a strategy for financing a solar array on the roof of the rectory building at St. Anne's Church in Lincoln, MA. 

  • Client: Environmental Stewardship Associates, LLC.
    Client Contact: Alex Chatfield, Manager, St. Anne's Church. Lincoln, MA. 


Community based solar strategies often require sending electricity value, or Virtual Net Metering Credits (VNMCs), from one site to another. The utility load zone map shows the geographic constraints that solar developers have in the state of Massachusetts for sharing these VNMCs within specific utility and load zone boundaries.


PDF Map of utility load zones by town, as displayed above.

Spreadsheet listing utility providers and load zones for each town in MA.

GIS Shapefile of MA towns tagged with their utility providers and load zones.





White Papers


1. Breaking Ground: New Models that Deliver Energy Solutions to Low Income Customers, 2016. Resonant Energy supported Co-op Power's contribution to this paper published by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

2. New York Community Solar Case Studies, 2017. Resonant Energy contributed to this white paper outlining policy challenges and opportunities for community solar development in New York State, published by the New York Energy Democracy Alliance.