Solar for Nonprofits

Tax incentives have been one of the key drivers of solar adoption for homeowners and businesses, which has left nonprofits behind despite the clear alignment for mission-oriented organizations. As a social enterprise dedicated to expanding access to solar, Resonant Energy has developed local financing strategies that allow nonprofits to save the most on their operating costs, while benefitting the environment, and joining our coalition for an inclusive and just energy future.

Whether you want to use the power in-house or share solar with your community, every sunny roof can be put to work fighting for a cleaner and more equitable future.

If You Have a Good Roof…

Solar Access Program

The Solar Access Program allows any non-profit building to host solar panels in exchange for clean power and energy savings. 

  • Free solar installation, operations and maintenance

  • Save 10-30% on your electric bill

  • Sign a rooftop lease, no power purchase agreement needed

  • Help the transition of your community towards clean energy

Find out more about the Solar Access Program.


A simple way for a non-profit to reap the benefits of solar power without impacting their own balance sheet.

  • Solar electricity sold at least 10% lower than prevailing electricity rates

  • No upfront cost

  • Offset 100% of your current electricity with local, clean energy

Find out more about Power Purchase Agreements.

If you don’t have a good roof…


Allows anyone who pays an electric bill to purchase and own solar panels in a single, cooperatively managed array. 

  • Participants receive the full suite of state and federal incentives for owning solar panels.

  • By co-locating with other community members, the cost to each individual is reduced.

  • Help the transition of your community towards clean energy

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