Our Story

The climate crisis is the challenge of our time. We are just at the start of a trillion dollar transition to an economy driven by clean energy. right now, millions of people are being denied a voice in shaping — and benefitting from — that transition.

We have a choice to make: Will we continue on the path of devastating economic inequality and political disenfranchisement? Or will we use this moment to radically shift who holds the power to make clean, affordable energy a reality for all?

Resonant Energy exists to create coalitions that empowers people to plan, finance, and build clean energy projects, and put communities in control of their own transition. We believe that clean, affordable energy is a right, not just for those at the top, but for 100% of people.

Our Principles

1. We believe communities should be at the center of planning projects.

Communities hold the knowledge and vision of what is needed to improve their neighborhoods. Our job is to provide tools and access to resources to help realize that vision. The best ideas come from a full table.

2. we take action now with the tools available to us.

We do not wait for silver bullets. The future may offer ultra-efficient solar sidewalks or powerful carbon sequestering machines, and while we are excited about technological innovation, we need to use the tools we have now to address the climate crisis.

3. We believe in a political and social solution to climate change.

Every day we are witnessing the impacts of climate change across the globe. We already have the technology and the resources to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and protect our most vulnerable communities. The challenge lies only in mass adoption and political will to act. We must immediately work to expand clean energy and reclaim political power from the fossil fuel industry.

4. We are problem solvers.

The world has no shortage of problems. We are here to meet them with open arms.

5. We believe time is sacred

When you are part of our team, we trust that you understand the urgency of action, and will work quickly and effectively toward our shared goals.

6. Profit is not an end in and of itself.

It is a means of expanding our environmental and social impact. We are a B-Corp with a triple-bottom-line that prioritizes economic, environmental and social goals. We measure success by the impact we have with communities.

7. We include women and people of color at the highest levels of leadership in our work.

In our staff and larger coalition of volunteers and community leaders, we prioritize marginalized voices in shaping the direction of our work.

8. We take joy in our work.

We pause and make moments to celebrate success.