Internship Program

Resonant Energy is dedicated to creating meaningful work experiences to train young people with effective strategies for growing our clean energy economy. If climate change is the moral issue of our time, then reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is the task of our generation. 

Our Approach to Internships

We value every intern that comes through our doors and we believe that everyone should do work that lights a spark. Whether it's supporting project development, solar design, community engagement, or financial modeling - Resonant Energy puts you in the driver's seat and let's you learn by doing. As project developers and community organizers, we don't take any pleasure in sitting still. Our work is fast-paced and immersive and we look for team players who are ready to dive in and take a leadership role in their work. 

Number of Positions

Resonant Energy partners with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Internship Program, which supports 2 paid interns for 10-week Fall (half-time), Spring (half-time), and Summer (full-time) sessions. Eligible participants include college students with a Massachusetts driver's license or students from out of the state attending a 2-year or 4-year college in MA.  

Resonant Energy also partners with the College for Social Innovation to provide full-time internship experiences for 2 students each Fall and Spring semester. 

Resonant Energy is also open to additional proposals so long as students present a pathway to college credit or an internship stipend from their university. 

To Apply

Please send a brief cover letter (<500 words) describing your background and your interest in our work, and a resume to becky(at) 

Fall '16 Interns

Kevin Sandoval, Business Development Intern. 

Spring '17 Interns

Desmond O'Brien, Project Development Intern

Seaton Huang, Community Organizing Intern

Anna Bannon, Communications Intern