Interfaith Community Solar Campaign

Communities of faith understand the moral urgency for climate action, and hold the leadership needed to transition their communities away from fossil fuels.

Supporting the growth of solar is one of the best ways we can build a just, sustainable community together. That’s why we've launched the MA Interfaith Community Solar Campaign, with the goal of bringing solar power to houses of worship and congregants. Our program provides flexible tools for communities of faith to care for creation and lower carbon emissions, while making power and savings available to those who need it most.


1. Form a team of 2-5 people from your congregation interested in helping your house of worship and community go solar.

2. Connect with Isaac to discuss involvement in the campaign and the different ways to go solar.

3. Join the campaign! Collaborate and make a plan on how to bring solar to your community.

4. Go solar and become a climate leader in your community!

contact us to learn more