In Our Communities

At Resonant Energy, we believe that people of all incomes should have access to the benefits of solar power. One way we can do this is by helping community organizations go solar.

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The Epiphany School

Steps away from the Shawmut Stop, there’s a school deeply committed to the success of the students in the community, helping them thrive through small classes, individualized curricula and financial aid for every student. Epiphany School is a unique learning environment in which students are encouraged to challenge themselves and their peers to fully explore their interests and talents. In the summer of 2017, the Epiphany School welcomed a new building dedicated to expanding services for the students.

While the students are working hard inside the building on research and problem solving, the solar system on the roof is hard at work producing electricity to keep the computers running and the lights on. In 2018, with the help of Resonant Energy, the Epiphany School made a choice to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their utility bill by adding solar to the roof of their new facility. Reverend Edwin Johnson of Saint Mary’s Episcopal in Dorchester blessed the panels while students and parents of the community came together to celebrate this act of environmental stewardship. 

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Dorchester Bay

Resonant Energy’s Solar Access Program brought solar to Dorchester Bay’s Bornstein and Pearl Facility, the home of several small food businesses in Dorchester. The project was a collaboration between Resonant Energy, the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, and the Boston Affordable Energy Coalition. This project marks the completion of the Solar Access Campaign, a campaign that received national attention from the Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative.

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