For Residents

In these times of uncertain politics and rapid climate change, solar is a way one family can make a difference for ourselves and for our community
— Sam, Cambridge homeowner


The Solar Access Program is a no-cost option for you to host solar on your home, share the electricity and receive immediate savings on your electric bill. We give preference to low and moderate income homeowners, nonprofits, and houses of worship, but all are welcome to apply. 

  • Pay nothing for your solar

  • Receive immediate discounts to your electric bill

  • No new bills

  • Maintenance and insurance covered by us


Group Purchase is an option where purchasers can take advantage of the full range of state and federal incentives for solar electricity. We issue a Request for Proposals to our installation network and select a installation partner. In this style, we can deliver competitive quotes on top equipment and maintain a high level of customer service. 

  • Federal and state tax credits exceeding 30% of the cost of the solar array

  • 100% of the electricity output from the panels

  • Cover nearly your entire electric bill

  • State incentives paid in cash to you


“I wanted to go solar years ago and I had a number of providers talk to me, but the process always felt confusing. Resonant was able to give me the guidance I needed and the correct financing to make solar work for me.”

“I love solar because it’s clean energy and it saves me money.”