For Homeowners

Have you considered solar for your home? Resonant Energy is here to help you move through the process with ease and transparency. We will help you know if your home qualifies for solar and how many panels you can expect to fit on your roof.

Step 1: Does solar work for my home? 

We will take a look at the size, shading, condition and solar exposure of your roof. Based on the qualifications and your home energy use, we will come up with a proposal and walk you through the details, incentives, savings, and process.

Step 2: Which program is best for me?

You can choose to participate in either a No-Cost Solar Access Program (pending utility information) or ownership through Solar Up Bulk Purchase discount. 

The Solar Access Program is a no-cost option for you to host solar on your home, share the electricity and receive immediate savings on your electric bill. 

Highlights include:

  • Pay nothing for your solar
  • Receive immediate discounts to your electric bill
  • No new bills
  • Maintenance and insurance covered by us

Solar Up is our group purchase program in which we facilitate a bulk discount for sign ups. We issue a Request for Proposals to our installation network and select a installation partner. In this style, we can deliver competitive quotes on top equipment and maintain a high level of customer service. 

Highlights include:

  • Federal and state tax credits exceeding 30% of the cost of the solar array
  • 100% of the electricity output from the panels
  • Cover nearly your entire electric bill
  • State incentives paid in cash to you

Step 3: Installation

We take care of the structural inspections, all the City paperwork and Utility applications that need to be filed, and oversee the installation process. The length of this part of the process can take two months.