Resonant Energy works with institutional partners to create accessible clean energy models tailored to the goals of each organization. We provide support for organizations who are interested in developing their own clean energy programs but who need help navigating the policies, financial structures, and technical aspects of energy development. 

Consulting Portfolio

1. Low-Income Shared Solar Feasibility and Development Tools for Upstate NY




Resonant Energy worked with Co-op Power staff to assess the upstate New York commercial solar market and evaluate from a financial and technical standpoint the feasibility of developing community shared solar arrays for low and moderate income households in the region. 

  • Client: Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC). Binghamton, NY. 
    Client Contact: Adam Flint, Coordinator of Southern Tier Solar Works Program of BRSC. 

2. Locally-Financed Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for Nonprofits

In partnership with Co-op Power, Resonant Energy provided a feasibility analysis for the tax equity partnership flip model for solar financing. The model provides a way for nonprofits to partner with investors and financiers like Co-op Power who can monetize the tax incentives associated with solar, benefit from a no-money-down Power Purchase Agreement, and the buy the system after 7-10 years. 

  • Client: Smith College. Northampton, MA.
    Client Contact: Dano Weisbord, Director of Campus Sustainability and Planning.

3. Locally-Financed Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for Churches

Resonant Energy provided Environmental Stewardship Associates with financial analysis and document templates to develop a strategy for financing a solar array on the roof of the rectory building at St. Anne's Church in Lincoln, MA. 

  • Client: Environmental Stewardship Associates, LLC.
    Client Contact: Alex Chatfield, Manager, St. Anne's Church. Lincoln, MA.